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Since 1996 Streetscape Advertising has specialised in the production & placement of street posters.

At Streetscape Advertising, street posters are what we do best.

Streetscape can coordinate any campaign – state specific or Australia-wide.
The street poster culture is ideal for the entertainment industry. In fact, we specialise in rock posters!

  • Music – Albums & Gigs
  • Festivals
  • Theatre
  • Comedy
  • Gallery Openings
  • Film & TV
  • Video Games
  •  or anyone who just wants to take advantage of ambient outdoor advertising.


Street posters are an absolutely awesome medium, which are visible 24/7, 7 days a week by millions of people across Australia.

Street posters are so huge and so vibrant, you’d have to be blind not to see them!

and at a far cheaper price than any other forms of outdoor advertising, so you get a highly effective campaign without breaking the bank.

Campaigns can be tailored to be demographic specific, as well as location specific.

Just like Real Estate, Outdoor Advertising is all about
‘Location, Location, Location’.

Depending on the market & location, individual street poster sites can be specifically chosen, so you can make sure the right audience is seeing your posters.

Streetscape Advertising can handle all street poster campaigns, large or small.

We can even complement it with an indoor poster & flyer campaign, because we have a massive network of cafes, music stores and retail outlets. In fact, we have the largest distribution network in Queensland!


We’ll figure out the best campaign strategy for your needs, because this is what we do best!


So, give us a call now on 07 3852 2788

or get a quote online.